Pet owner says his dog was peppersprayed by mailman

    Pet owner says his dog was peppersprayed by mailman. (SBG Photo)

    SAN ANTONIO - Caught on camera, a paramedic said the mailman pepper sprayed his dog while he was out on the job.

    "I get angry every time I see it," Will Charles said.

    Charles said the video speaks for itself.

    "He starts walking toward the dog, toward the gate, there's no need for this," Charles said. "He sprays him, walks closer to my dog, sprays him then just keeps on walking."

    Charles said the situation is upsetting.

    He said there is no reason for what appears to be a mailman pepper-spraying his dog even though it was confined to a fenced area in the front yard.

    "If he was really afraid for his life, why would he approach the dog?" Charles asked. "And why would you spray a dog that's behind a gate, it makes no sense."

    His dog Teddy is okay now.

    But Charles remains with more questions than answers.

    We have reached out to USPS for comment, we will keep you updated once they get back to us.

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