Paving project moves forward for Highland Oaks Subdivision

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SAN ANTONIO - Critical road repairs are a step closer to becoming reality for people living in one South Bexar County neighborhood.

Property owners in the Highland Oaks subdivision have been fighting to have their dirt roads paved.

The project is in the final stages of the design phase.

"This is horrible not even have it like this, this is really bad," Molly Martinez said.

People living in the Highland Oaks subdivision have been ducking and dodging pot holes for years.

Making matters worse, the roads are not even paved.

"When it rains you puddle up there's a lot of holes there's a lot of damage to vehicles people get stuck." "when it's dry because it's sand it's very loose so people get stuck in the sand," Simon Martinez said.

Nearly 300 families are taxed with expensive vehicle repairs and that's not all.

There are safety concerns for students forced to walk to the entrance of their subdivision because school buses are prohibited from driving on the dangerous roads.

"They're out there walking by themselves and they're subject to any kind of crime that is around this area so i feel for the kids," Simon Martinez said.

Emergency vehicles face longer times to get to people in need of medical help; but all of that will soon change.

Commissioners court recently approved $4.2 million dollars for road improvement.

"We got organized, COPS Metro went ahead and helped us organize, trained us on what to do," Molly Martinez said.

Simon and Molly Martinez played a big role in helping their church family and Spanish-speaking neighbors.

"It brings me a lot of joy, I cry with the people here I see them and I say almost, we're almost there and I cry with them I really do because I know it has been a big effort for them," Molly Martinez said.

"The organization when people said enough is enough is what made this thing go through," Simon Martinez said.

Construction is expected to begin in early spring of next year.

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