Parents rallying for sidewalks and reduced speed limits near Potranco Elementary


MEDINA VALLEY, Texas - Parents at Potranco Elementary school are rallying for better safety measures for students who walk to and from school.

"There are no sidewalks going along the 55 mph road from the crosswalk to our neighborhood so there's no safe place for her to walk," said Sarah Rebmann, a parent to a 4th grader at Potranco Elementary.

Potranco Road, with a 55 mph speed zone, is part of the route for students who walk from the Red Bird Ranch Community.

"There's big trucks, quite a few semis and even the trucks that fuel gas stations, just lots of big vehicles," said Rebmann.

The neighborhood is less than two miles from the school so bus transportation is not provided to those children.

"It's because of the proximity so that's considered a "safe walking distance" for them, it just doesn't take into consideration the speed limits," said Rebbman.

"Parents will actually pay other people to take their kids to school because they're afraid of the dangerous situation out there," said David Albrecht, a father to three children in Medina Valley ISD.

They're forced to walk alongside the busy road and guardrails because there are no sidewalks.

"A bus would fix this problem or at the very least a crossing guard," said Rebmann.

A crosswalk at Potranco Rd and County Road 381 has been installed but parents feel without a crossing guard, it's still not safe for young children trying to cross the traffic.

"I don't understand why we haven't had a speed limit reduction yet," said Albrecht.

TxDOT is working with the group of parents to provide solutions. A spokesperson for TxDOT says plans are now in the works to construct a new school zone centered around County Road 381. The project has been approved by TxDOT Commission. No word yet on when construction will begin.

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