Parents want school to address meth bust involving students


Medina County parents are concerned over drug use among students.

Several parents from Devine ISD said the school district is not addressing a major issue.

"These kids are doing it and they don't know what they're putting in their bodies, " said one mother of two Devine ISD students. "They are not educating them."

There are allegations that students sold and received meth on school grounds.

The Medina County Sheriff’s Department made three arrests in September in connection with a meth bust involving Medina County high schools students.

Since then, parents said Devine ISD has ignored their questions about students’ involvement with drugs.

"I am concerned about it because there are so many kids at school doing it."

They want the allegations to be properly acknowledged and the students held responsible.

The Medina County Sheriff’s Department said the investigation into meth sales involving students is still active. Students are still being interviewed by investigators.

The school was asked if they would send home a letter to parents or hold an assembly to discuss the recent drug accusations. Devine ISD Superintendent of Schools Scott Sostarich released this statement:

"The district does not provide specific information about any students based on federal privacy laws, but the district will follow the student code of conduct as well as all state and local polices with regard to our students."

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