Parents concerned after male student caught in girls' locker room

Parents concerned after male student caught in girls' locker room

SAN ANTONIO - Administrators at Warren High School are investigating an incident after a male student was caught inside the girls’ locker room last Tuesday.

"It just so happened that a coach, that morning at about 7:40, as she was heading to the locker room, noticed the male coming out of the dressing room," Northside ISD Spokesperson Barry Perez said.

Perez described the student as a 16-year-old boy. He said the teen gained access to the locker room through a back door that was propped open. Administrators said the student admitted to being inside the locker room and forcing his way into a locked storage room.

"From that storage area, he would have had some limited view and limited sight of individuals who were in that dressing room,” Perez said.

Parents called News 4 San Antonio concerned about the school’s response to the incident. One parent said the school would not give her a response when she called to ask about the incident. The district said it was delayed on responding because it had to investigate the incident and determine which students might have been impacted. A parent who wanted to remain anonymous feared the boy was spying on girl athletes and possibly taking photos of the girls while they changed clothes.

“The first concern was what was he doing in the room, were there any evidence pieces in terms of photography or video?" Perez said. “The campus searched the phone. There was no evidence and certainly is no evidence of any kind of recording as a photograph or as video."

NISD said the “appropriate disciplinary action was taken,” but administrators would not elaborate on the details of the discipline.

The principal sent home a letter to students who may have been in the locker room while the male student was in the locker room.

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