Parent gives warning about violent 'slap challenge' at Junior High


    LA VERNIA, Texas - A mother is warning other parents about a violent slap challenge after her son became victim to the so-called game.

    "He has bruising on his back from where the hand print was so I mean he was slapped really really hard," Minni Florence said.

    The "5 star slap challenge" left her 7th grade son, a special education student at La Vernia Junior High, with a red hand print on his back.

    "It was horrible. I don’t want to see any child hurt like that," Florence said.

    She said he was in the locker room sitting on a bench putting his shoes on when a classmate came behind him.

    "It knocked the wind out of him when it hit him," Florence explained.

    The student notified administrators but Florence said it was not properly handled.

    "The coach told him when he got home to just have a parent take a picture of it and email it to the school. They weren’t sent to the principals office. They weren’t sent to nurse to have it looked at. Nothing," Florence told us.

    She wants other parents to be aware of what's allegedly occurring on school campus.

    "My goal was to let parents know, hey this is the trend, this is what’s going on at school, now go talk to your children," Florence said.

    The La Vernia School District responded to our request for more information with this statement that addresses other 'slap challenge' incidents that have occurred since October 2nd.

    La Vernia ISD district and campus administrators have actively investigated three “5 Star Slap Challenge” incidents occurring at the LVISD Junior High campus over the past week.

    The first incident was reported to Junior High campus administrators during the school day on October 2nd. The student involved in the slapping behavior received a disciplinary consequence, and parents of all students involved were immediately notified. Campus administration was in contact with law enforcement the next morning, and administrators and a police officer reviewed potential criminal consequences with the student involved in the slapping.
    On October 8th, Junior High campus administrators were made aware of two additional “5 Star Slap Challenge” incidents that occurred just prior to dismissal that afternoon. Administrators immediately began investigating these incidents by meeting with the parents of students involved. Parents were assured that upon completion of the investigation, discipline would be administered to students involved in accordance with the District’s Student Code of Conduct. Due to privacy protection laws, detailed information regarding student discipline cannot be released.
    On the morning of October 9th, law enforcement was made aware of both incidents that occurred on October 8th, and administrators continued their investigation to confirm the details of both incidents. After being identified by the investigation, the students involved in the slapping behavior were given consequences and administrators made an announcement to all students that anyone involved in future slapping incidents will receive immediate consequences.
    Moving forward, La Vernia ISD district and campus administrators will take every opportunity to remind and educate students about appropriate interactions with other students as well as disciplinary consequences for violations of the District’s Student Code of Conduct. Along with daily announcements to all students detailing expectations for behavior as well as consequences for involvement in future “5 Star Slapping Challenge” incidents, administrators have planned an educational assembly at the Junior High campus on October 10th that will address the dangers of “slapping games” as well as appropriate rules of conduct toward other students. Additionally, to further ensure the safety and security of all La Vernia ISD students, LVISD staff will continue to implement proactive parent communication and incident reporting protocols.

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