Hundreds of armed people line the streets to protest mistreatment of gun owners

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Open Carry Texas members gathered in Olmos Park Saturday afternoon to rally against "a series of police abuses, including police enforcement of illegal anti-gun laws," according to a news release.

Last week, OCT founder CJ Grisham was arrested while protesting a city ordinance prohibiting anyone other than police from carrying a loaded gun. After this arrest, the city repealed the ordinance to reflect state law, but members of Grisham's group said that's not enough.

"We think the chief of police should be relieved and the department reviewed," said Rick Briscoe, legislative director with Open Carry Texas.

Grisham's "Petition Against Government Abuse of Lawful Gun Owners" had 750 signatures this week. The petition calls for officials to drop the charges against him and other gun owners.

Hundreds of armed people lined the streets in Olmos Park to protest what the group says is mistreatment against gun owners.

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