One arrested after big drug bust near Hondo High School


Medina County deputies say they expect to make more arrests after making a big drug bust just a stone’s throw away form the Hondo High School campus.

"It's sad that someone is stupid enough to set up shop right there next to a school," Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown said.

Deputies seized 10 pounds of marijuana, at least six guns, and $12,000 in cash while serving a search warrant late Monday night.

Investigators also found dozens of cartridges of cannabis oil.

"We're seeing some of the effects of the stupidity in Colorado and California here in Texas," Brown said.

Brown says the drugs were brought in from California.

"We have the DEA on board,” Brown said. “So the DEA will be assisting with that side of the investigation."

Everything was found inside an RV, which was parked behind a house just across the street from the Hondo High School campus

Investigators say students will frequently drive or walk by to get to school or go to lunch.

"I mean it's right there,” Brown said. “You could have kids walking around vaping marijuana."

Deputies arrested 36-year old Albert Santillano Jr.

He's facing multiple drug charges. Some of those could be upgraded to federal charges.

“I really think there's going to be two more arrests made.” Brown said. “And that could grow."

Santillano has already bonded out of the Medina County jail.

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