Northside ISD investigating sexual assault allegation

    SAN ANTONIO - Northside ISD is investigating a sexual assault allegation involving two high school students.

    The alleged victims said it happened on campus at Harlan High School.

    The father of the victim, who wished to remain anonymous pressed charges against the 17-year-old senior who allegedly sexually assaulted his 15-year-old daughter.

    What's as concerning to him, is the way he said NISD handled the situation.

    "It broke my heart, just to hear her crying over a man who forcefully touching her where she shouldn't be touched," The father said.

    His 15-year-old daughter said a senior tricked her into going to a stairwell during school hours.

    "The stairwell where there's no cameras," The father said. "And he just pushed her and threw her up against a wall, she couldn't move and he fondled her."

    Now, the freshman can't imagine going back to Harlan High School.

    "She's beautiful," The father said. "Everybody loves her and she's like in a shell, she woke up this morning crying, she wouldn't get up to go to school."

    In a statement Northside ISD said they are investigating the allegation.

    And quote: "....Based on the results of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken that is in line with both the district's Student Code of Conduct and State law. The safety and well-being of students is the top priority for campus and district staff."

    "There should be a concern now," The father said.

    No letter or email was sent out by the district about the incident.

    District spokesperson Barry Perez said the situation was isolated and did not warrant a letter to parents.

    "Parents should know, parents should inform their daughters, their sons," The father said. "My daughter is somebody, don't treat her like she's not worthy."


    District spokesperson Barry Perez could not tell us if the suspect is still attending school while the investigation continues.

    We also tried to obtain a copy of the police report from NISD police department and they told us it wasn't available.

    We'll keep you updated with the latest details.

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