North East ISD says it can save $1 million on Lee name change

Robert E. Lee.JPG

SAN ANTONIO - The North East Independent School District said it will save about $1 million by making cost-effective changes as it transitions the name of Lee High School to L.E.E. High School (Legacy of Educational Excellence).

During a school board meeting on Monday night, the board estimated it would cost $1.3 million if it were to make changes to the name, mascot and colors of the school. But district officials said keeping the colors, mascot and anything that says Lee, Volunteers, or Vols will keep costs down to $299,000.

Bottom line? Anything with the colors, mascot or the names 'Lee,' 'Volunteers,' or 'Vols' will stay. Anything that shows confederate symbols will be removed, as will any logo with the soldier known as 'Grumpy Gus.'

The district will make changes to several buildings, banners and scoreboards that currently have the name 'Robert E. Lee' by removing 'Robert E.'

District uniforms, athletic apparel and accessories will also be changed. Distirct officials said many items that parents usually buy for their students will be exchanged for new items where applicable.

NEISD also plans to develop an on-campus museum for the items.

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