North East ISD facing multi-million dollar deficit

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SAN ANTONIO- Right now, the North East Independent School District is hurting financially.

“We are losing students,” said Aubrey Chancellor with NEISD.

Chancellor says fewer students means less funding from the State. Already this year, hundreds of students have left the district.

“Some of our students we're seeing are now going to charter schools because that seems to be the latest trend,” Chancellor said.

Currently the district is landlocked, meaning it isn't seeing new growth in the area and new schools aren't opening, which also contributes to funding.

Typically, the district has what is called a ‘fund balance’ which is like a savings account. So when the district needs money, finances call be pulled from it. But Chancellor says when you have a multi- million-dollar deficit, that becomes difficult.

“At this point it looks like we are facing about a 17-million-dollar deficit and you can't take all of that out, so you got to make cuts where you can,” Chancellor said.

Right now, those cuts include the district not hiring as many teachers this upcoming school year and cutting back on utilities

“Even putting the thermostat one degree higher will save thousands and thousands of dollars,” Chancellor said.

District officials say employees' jobs will not be cut and they plan to start discussing next year's budget in May.

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