Nico LaHood concedes in race for Bexar County District Attorney

(SBG San Antonio)

It was definitely the big shocker of the night. Incumbent Nico LaHood has officially conceded in the Bexar County District Attorney race.

"This isn't the worst thing that has happened in my life. I've overcome many challenges. The fact that my family, my children, my wife are standing next to me on the stage and they're standing there in their health -- I'm blessed. I'm excited for what the good lord has for me. I didn't pray for a result, I prayed for a process and he gave me his answer -- I'm cool with it. If I say I'm a man of faith and I walk in that, then I'm ok with this process so I'm just gonna serve out the next nine months the way that I've served these last three years and three months," he said.

Now Nico tells us that whoever takes over in office, will start off in a better position than he did.

"One of the messages that I have for the community is that any public official, but especially the district attorney has to be tolerant of every group -- has to be open-minded and accepting of whatever religion.. Of whatever faith and every belief they have. That's important in a public official -- and that's going to happen in the district attorney's office," LaHood.

His opponent, Joe Gonzales, said the fight is not over.

"We're going to continue to send our message to the voters because were not done yet. All this has done was put me in the position of the Democratic nominee for district attorney. We still have a fight in November so we are going to continue to hone our message and continue to get that message out the voters. So, hopefully were going to have that fight in November and were going to be victorious," Gonzales said.

Gonzales will face off with Republican Tylden Shaeffer for the District Attorney title in November.

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