New Year's Eve drunk-driving dangers


    SAN ANTONIO - As 2018 comes to an end plans are being made to ring in the New Year.

    For many adults the celebration includes some amount of alcohol.

    Advocates against drunk driving are reminding the public about the importance of planning for safe travels.

    New Year's Eve is a festive time to celebrate and make plans for the future.

    But one too many toasts before getting behind the wheel, can end tragically.

    It doesn't have to be with proper planning.

    Karina Pinela said, "I know when I've gotten drunk my first thing is let me get my Uber, let me get my Lyft and you know it's going to be there it's like, oh he's right here."

    According to the most recent impaired driving data by the National Transportation Traffic Safety Administration, New Year's Eve is one of the most deadliest nights on our nation's roads.

    Texas was ranked seventh among the top ten states with the most drunk-driving deaths last year.

    "I feel it will get better this year because of Uber and Lyft have become a thing," Pinela said.

    Studies show using ride-sharing services can lead to a decrease in drunk driving crashes.

    Preliminary 2017 numbers indicate there were 13-thousand, 177 alcohol related crashes in Texas, resulting in 521 fatalities and 1,271 injuries.

    "It's not fair because people who are mainly the drunk drivers hit somebody they're the ones that survive and the family that they hurt they're the one that are damaged," Pinela said.

    Caleb Douglas and Karina Pinela are planning a get together for New Year's Eve.

    They're making sure designated drivers are on standby; or they say they'll have anyone who's had too many spend the night.

    "A lot of times we'll take the keys away from somebody who you know can't drive and think they can," Douglas said.

    A DWI can be expensive.

    According to TXDOT drivers charged with a third offense can face up to $10,000 in fines, have their license suspended, and can face between two to ten years in prison.

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