Good 4 You: New Red Cross course teaches pet CPR

New Red Cross course teaches pet CPR (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

If your pet has ever had a medical emergency -- would you know how to perform CPR? If not, and you're ready to learn, the Red Cross has a new online course you can take from home.

Delaine Mathieu met up with an instructor to learn a few tips.

The thought of something happening to your pet can be scary and when someone like a firefighter or veterinarian isn't around to help -- it could be up to you to save them. "I may not have all the equipment that a firefighter has," explained Patricia Delgado, a volunteer pet first aide instructor with the Red Cross in San Antonio. "But mouth-to-snout -- that's easy to do."

Holding classes and showing pet owners how to administer CPR is vital -- and now Red Cross is offering all this potentially pet-saving information for you From your desktop or tablet -- anywhere -- you can learn how to check your pet's vital signs and how to recognize and provide first aid for the most severe emergencies your pet may experience. Valuable information you'd need to help save your furry friend's life.

The course costs $25. There's also app for your phone where you can plug in all kinds of medical information about your pet.

For more information, CLICK HERE to go to the San Antonio Red Cross website.

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