New program on the East Side aimed at helping more people find work

SAN ANTONIO - There’s a new program on the East Side aimed at helping more people find work.

“Everybody wants a better opportunity for their family and sometimes they don't know how to get started,” said Belkiss Rodriguez.

Belkiss Rodriguez is the director for the “Eastside Education and Training Center” also home to “Promise Zone to Work.”

It's a program aimed to improve lives on the East Side by getting people into the workforce.

“We don't turn people away,” said Rodriguez.

For the first time, 35 businesses met for a job fair at the center introducing more than 200 job seekers to opportunities in the field of construction, health, retail and more.

“Here on the east section of town there is such a diversification and opportunities that are extended here gives hope, it gives sunshine."

The 56,000 square foot center was designed for the East Side community.

Through partnering with the city, Alamo colleges, SAISD and other partners, free job training classes, job placement, counseling and childcare will be provided.

Rodriquez says this is only the beginning to building successful lives.

The goal is to create pathways to quality jobs for people living in a part of the city where crime often rips through neighborhoods.

“We tap relationships with every kind of employer that is willing to give people a second chance,” said Rodriguez.

The center plans to host more job fairs in the future.

For now, Rodriguez says people can visit their facility as often as once a week to learn more.

“Come every Tuesday 9 o’clock right here. All of us will be here ready to serve the community,” said Rodriguez.

The center is located at 4551 Dietrich Rd.

For more information contact 210-486-5555or email

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