New Crisis Stabilization Unit opens in San Antonio


    SAN ANTONIO -- For the first time in more than 12 years San Antonio now has a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU).

    The CSU located at Nix Health along Babcock Rd. in the Medical Center is focused on helping people throughout the community with mental health issues.

    The Center for Health Care Services entered into a partnership with Nix Health in order to create the 15 bed unit.

    The CSU was made possible through a state grant awarded to the Center for Health Care Services with a focus on keeping people with mental illness out of jail.

    "This fills in the gap between the services that now exist to divert people from jails and prisons after arrest into treatment, " said David Pan, with Center for Health Care Services.

    Dr. Edgar Medina, a psychiatrist was hired specifically to oversee the brand new CSU.

    Dr. Medina says each room is specifically designed with the patient in mind.

    "So that the patient cannot come here and hurt themselves, " said Dr. Medina.

    The CSU will house both men and women for up to 14 days. While the beds are open to the public, everyone will be referred t by the Center for Health Care Services.

    "The purpose is to stabilize people, make sure they're on the proper medications, that they're getting treatment, " Pan went on to say.

    At the end of the day it's about saving lives and diverting a potential crisis.

    Per Center for Health Care Services:

    The CSU was made possible by a grant award from the State of Texas under SB 292, which became law in September, 2017. The goal of SB 292 is to reduce recidivism, frequency of arrests and incarceration of individuals with mental illness, and reduce the total wait time for forensic commitments of individuals with mental illness to a state hospital. The grant award, totaling $7.4 million over a two year period, will fund the following:

    (1) a 15 bed crisis stabilization unit, offering short-term residential treatment designed to reduce acute symptoms of mental illness and prevent admission to an inpatient mental health facility, including the San Antonio State Hospital;

    (2) a Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) team for justice-involved individuals, and additional training for the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team;

    (4) additional staff for Bexar County Central Magistration, which will ensure that all individuals with serious mental illness who are eligible for a Personal Recognizance Bond are assessed and moved into treatment as quickly as possible.

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