New cannabis oil store creating a lot of buzz

    Go Green Botanicals of New Braunfels has been selling CBD-infused products since April.

    NEW BRAUNFELS - For the past few months, a handful of doctors here in Texas have been legally prescribing medical marijuana to patients with epilepsy.

    But a growing number of health and wellness stores across the state have begun selling a different kind of cannabis that anyone can buy.

    The customers have quickly become regulars.

    "It's completely life-changing," says Ginni Dingeldein, 33, of Canyon Lake.

    "This is the best I've felt in so long," says Lauren Connell, 35, of New Braunfels.

    Located right along I-35 in New Braunfels, Go Green Botanicals has been open since April 20th.

    "This is such a big deal," says co-owner Maurice Salazar.

    As they’re quick to point out, this isn’t a smoke shop.

    "Our mission statement is to be advocates in health and wellness in the community through natural remedies," says Salazar.

    They offer a wide variety of products infused with the hemp oil known as cannabidiol - CBD for short.

    "We have creams, we have oils, we have edibles," says Salazar.

    "I went in very skeptically because I have tried a lot of things that don't work," says Dingeldein, who swears by the relief cream and the vape pen. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, the Canyon Lake mother suffers from chronic pain.

    "I have four kids," she says. "I have to keep up."

    Not of fan of her medication, she’d been looking for a more natural form of pain relief.

    "I have to function," she explains. "I can't take narcotic pain meds that make me loopy."

    Lauren Connell started coming to Go Green just two weeks ago.

    "Before I started CBD oil, I was in bed all day," says Connell.

    Lauren also has rheumatoid arthritis, along with lupus and a heart condition. She uses the drops and the relief cream.

    "I was really surprised by how quickly it helped me," says Connell. "I was surprised how much energy I had and how much better I felt. I didn't expect it. I really didn't."

    Such compelling testimonials. And yet, the owners of businesses like Go Green see the looks when they explain what they sell. They hear the questions.

    "'Oh, is that marijuana? Oh, no. I don't smoke,'" Salazar says, imitating a skeptical customer. "Well, I don't smoke either. This has nothing to do with marijuana."

    CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis plant, but it has very low levels of THC, the chemical compound that gets users high.

    "In CBD, there is no intoxication aspect to it whatsoever," says Salazar.

    As long as the THC content is less than point-three percent, the product doesn't require any prescriptions.

    "And most of our products, 90 percent of our products have zero THC in them," adds Salazar.

    "It doesn't have the THC, so it doesn't make me loopy," says Dingeldein.

    Back in March, state health officials announced a proposal that would crack down on CBD, perhaps even yank some products from store shelves. Still no timeline for a decision, but local leaders in the cannabis industry call the proposal unenforceable.

    And so customers like Ginni and Lauren will keep coming here to buy their creams, their oils, their vapes and their bath bombs.

    "I like this place," says Dingeldein. "I like the products that they have. But I hope more places continue to open up because it's something we need."

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