Not My Home! New App Blocks Drones

You've probably heard of "no-call" lists to block unwanted phone solicitations -- now there's a list to keep drones from taking pictures of your home.

It's an app that tech company, Aerdos, has just launched called "do-not-view-list-dot-com." It gives you some control over who or what photographs your home.

"I'm not real familiar with what drones do in terms of taking pictures of property," Lindsay Stebing, a concerned mom said. "But the thought of people taking pictures of my kids without my knowledge is a little terrifying."

Some states restrict drone flights but Aerdos' technology would blur out or block out your property. "What we're doing is asking people to sign up expressing their interest in protecting their property from incursions from drone imagery," said Geeter Kyrazis, CEO of Aerdos. "What you are saying is don't look at me and my property."

Aerdos would sell the list to drone companies and work with them to black out the people on the list in real time. The do-not-view list is free but Aerdos eventually hopes to add some premium features you pay for like how many times your house has been blocked from drone video and who's been flying around your neighborhood taking pictures.

If someone is interested in what you're doing, the do-not-view-list just may make them knock on your door or call to find out -- not just fly by.


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