Neighbors fed up with repeat suspected drunk driver

Neighbors fed up with repeat suspected drunk driver.PNG

SAN ANTONIO - Several neighbors say a repeat DWI offender is threatening their safety.

They claim the driver has been involved in several crashes in their neighborhood in one month.

“He hit the neighbor’s house down the street here,” said Bob Burks.

Neighbors are frustrated over what they call a reckless repeat drunk driver threatening the public's safety.

“These are two separate incidents where he was coming in. He was too drunk to turn in off the street and into the driveway,” Burks said.

Burks said he knows who it is and believes that person has crashed into multiple properties this month.

“My concern is the fact that he has had three DWI's and he has yet to see a day in jail,” Burks said.

Linda Coulter's home was hit Tuesday.

“That's his license plate from the front,” Coulter said.

The driver went through the fence and hit the front door area of the house according to a police report.

An investigator who made contact with the driver stated in the report he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver's breath and body. Beer cans still scatter Coulter's front yard.

“You could tell he was drunk,” Coulter said.

Although Coulter is now struggling to pick up the pieces like Burks she's hoping something is done to get the driver off the streets.

“I really think they need to crack down on him because he has done it more than once,” Coulter said. “That person has a problem he needs help.”

Burks shared the same concern.

“My fear is that he is going to wind up killing somebody or he is going to kill one of his kids or he is going to kill somebody else's kid or he is going to kill another driver,” Burks said.

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