Neighborhood reaches out to Congressman for mailbox repair help

Neighborhood reaches out to Congressman for mailbox repair help

SAN ANTONIO - A neighborhood on the Northeast Side is thanking its Congressman for help getting vandalized mail boxes fixed.

“Stealing these things for people's identities,” says Mitchell Marszalek, a Feather Ridge resident.

About three weeks ago, Marszalek become a mailbox theft victim.

“The boxes had been thorn open in the back,” he explains.

Marszalek is not sure what was stolen, but he says he didn’t get enough help locally on the situation.

“We never got contacted by anyone in the post office,”

The neighbor says he went to a U.S. Postal annex to get his mail, however, he was only able to get it one time during the two and a half weeks his mailbox was broken.

“What do you mean I have no mail. I have lived at this residence for 12 years. I get a piece of mail every single day,” explains Marszalek.

It was a frustrating situation and he it wasn’t until Monday the boxes were repaired after putting in a call to both Congressmen Henry Cuellar and Lloyd Doggett.

“The clouds parted and the sun shone we got a boxed fixed.”

In an email, U.S Representative Lloyd Doggett‘s San Antonio office sent us this statement:

“Two months delay in repairing a mailbox is far too long. When my constituent called, I contacted the postal service within hours and obtained a pledge of prompt repairs. With a rash of these break-ins during recent months, we need rapid response and more effort to catch the thieves. If you have a problem, contact the U.S. Postal Service Consumer Complaint line at 800-275-8777 or online at and contact your Congressman.”

His office is now looking into the situation.

“It shouldn't take 3 weeks to get a mail box repaired,” adds Marszalek.

News 4 San Antonio reached out to the postal service for comment, but was not able to get a statement.

A local representative told us when mail can't be delivered, it is supposed to be kept on hold at the post office for pick up. The representative also said broken mail boxes get repaired as soon as possible.

U.S. Postal Service Inspectors in San Antonio advice everyone collect to mail daily and to not leave it sitting overnight.

To report any vandalism, contact the inspection line at 877-876-2455, or visit the U.S Postal Service Inspection Service online.

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