Neighborhood gets mailbox repairs after News 4 investigates claims of repeated break-ins

Pecan Valley Estates Mailbox.jpg

Some neighbors turned to News 4 for help because they claim their community mailbox was vandalized more than six months ago and hasn't been completely repaired

Late Wednesday afternoon the postal service told News 4 that they're expediting a service order to repair one of the doors.

Once they're out there, the hope is they'll fix the other doors that are still needing repairs.

“We’re past frustrated,” said Ida Mendoza.

This group of neighbors from Pecan Valley Estates is looking for a fix.

"There's no hinge or nothing,” said Pete Guajardo. “The door won't catch.”

“Little by little like one week they'd do several, another week they'd do another bunch until at one time they were all broken," said Mendoza.

Neighbors say the break ins at the community mailbox have been happening since Thanksgiving of last year.

Mendoza says she and others have called and filed complaints with the postal service.

“They just don't answer anymore," said Mendoza.

Neighbors say the front side of these community mailboxes isn't the only problem.

“I think they broke the back side before they went to the front side," said Walt Trissel.

For a couple months, Trissel says he went to the post office on East Houston to get his mail.

But not everybody in this neighborhood can make a trip to the post office.

"We're mainly retired senior citizens,” said Mendoza. “My husband has Alzheimer’s. It's a hardship for us to get the mail.”

The postal service is reminding customer who use this type of mailbox to routinely check your box.

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