Negligent pet owners could face criminal charges


Pet owners guilty of neglect could face criminal charges.

Workers at Animal Care Services are conducting pet welfare checks to make sure animals are safe.

The dog days of summer are here, and people and pets alike are feeling it.

"It's really hot, extremely hot."

Marisela Hernandez is taking extreme caution with her pets in the searing summer sun, and encourages other pet owners to do the same.

"Always have a nice shaded area an area with plenty of water and keep them cool maybe bring them in once in a while during the day."

That's exactly what Animal Care Services suggests.

ACS workers say they've received a high number of calls from concerned neighbors.

"Folks concerned about the well-being of animals that are out in the yards."

Shannon Sims says ACS workers are doing pet welfare checks similar to the ones made during winter months.

Officers are checking to make sure dogs and cats have access to shade, and fresh cool water.

"Think of it in the sense if we were out in the back yard we'd probably like a nice cold drink of water not a hot drink of water."

Sims says cable tethers are allowed, but chains of any kind are prohibited.

Citations could cost you up to $300 dollars, but a pet found in heat-related distress is considered a criminal offense punishable up to $2,000 for each offense.

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