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UPDATE: Near-crisis situation at SA Pets Alive where dogs, cats need to be fostered

Dog at San Antonio Pets Alive. (SBG photo)
Dog at San Antonio Pets Alive. (SBG photo)
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UPDATE: 74 animals have been adopted in the two days since this story aired.

SAN ANTONIO - Dogs and cats can't contract coronavirus. But what happens if local animal shelters have to close due to human caretakers getting sick? It could be a terrible situation for dogs and cats.

That's why San Antonio Pets Alive wants to get as many animals either placed in foster homes or adopted as soon as possible.

"What a perfect office mate to have if you’re working from home than a puppy or a kitten," says Olivia Schneider, San Antonio Pets Alive's publicist. "You pick up a dog or cat of your choice at one of our four locations and you’re basically giving them a couch to crash on until they find their forever family."

About 400 of Pets Alive's 630 animals have been placed in foster homes. But 230 remain, including 40 at the Marbach Road location.

"We’re just preparing in the event we have to close one of our locations, or all of our locations," Schneider says. "It’s beautiful to see in times like this the community can really come together and make a positive impact in the lives of these animals who ultimately change our lives for good."

Tracey Lammert is currently tending to five cats, including Bella.

"She is what we call in the industry a 'foster fail,' because I decided to keep her," says Lammert, who is also is a Pets Alive board member. "We desperately need fosters. We always need fosters, but now more than ever."

Fostering a pet is free. if you are interested in adopting, it costs just $10 per animal through Sunday.

Staycations are also a possibility. "If you have a day and want to bring it to the park," Lammert says. "It gives that dog a few hours out of the facility."

Many people who foster animals for several days or weeks, wind up adopting them.

Lammert has had that happen repeatedly, including with a one-eyed cat named Piper.

"She had to have her eye removed. I felt so bad for her, I ended up adopting her," Lammert says.

San Antonio Pets Alive has a no-kill policy. Last year, it saved over 5,300 dogs and cats. The number is 750 so far this year.

"We’re the last hope for dogs and cats in the city of San Antonio," Schneider says.

Pets Alive is also accepting donations like Clorox, paper towels, bleach and trash bags.

"Right now, there’s a shortage of supplies," Schneider says. For the full list, or to contribute, click here .

"Let's help save some lives here" Lammert says. "It's an uncertain time for everybody."

Click here for information on how to signup online to foster an animal.

"It's really simple. You can even do it on your phone. It takes about two minutes," Schneider says. "Don't wait. We need all the help we can get. Whatever you're looking for, I'm sure that we have it.

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