Mother remembers six-year-old killed by deputies in Schertz

Mother remembers six-year-old killed by deputies in Schertz

SCHERTZ - A mother who lost her six-year-old son after he was shot by deputies revealed she was at peace, more than three weeks after the incident.

"My son was not an angry child. He was a very happy child,” Rubi Prescott said about her son, Kameron. “Why would you do something that's totally opposite of what my son ever stood for?"

Rubi’s son, Kameron, was killed on December 21 when four Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies opened fire on a woman they said was trying to break into a mobile home in Schertz.

Rubi said that day started with her attending her son’s holiday party at his elementary school. After the party, she dropped him off at his father’s mobile home while she went to work. Rubi and Kameron’s father divorced when he was two years old. As Rubi was leaving work around 3 p.m., she noticed she had missed a call from Kameron’s father about 30 minutes earlier. The mother called Kameron’s step-mother who delivered the news.

"She's just crying and she said, 'Kameron's been shot' and I just said, 'What? He's been what?' And my heart just sank," Rubi recalled. “I’m just praying, God, not my baby. Please help my baby. Help him, protect him, help him."

Rubi relied on her faith that day and she continues to rely on her faith now.

"Why this happened? It's not up for me to question. It happened. As unfortunately and as senseless as it may seem, it happened and I can't take that away,” she said.

Rubi described the pain of losing her son as something that cut her deep into her soul, but she keeps his memory alive by talking about him and watching old videos of the two of them on SnapChat.

"He just laughed and laughed. He was just so goofy,” she said. “He was amazing. He was so full of life.”

When asked if she plans to take legal action against the sheriff’s office, she said everything has its time and its place and right now her focus was on honoring and remembering her son.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said the three full-time officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation and the fourth deputy, who is a reserve deputy, was “working on obtaining his status.”

An account has been set up to help Kameron’s family. You can drop off donations at the two Schertz Bank & Trust branches in Schertz, or by mail to:

Kameron Prescott Memorial Fund

c/o Schertz Bank & Trust

P.O. Box 800

Schertz, TX 78154

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