Mother of 19-year-old shot by police speaks out

Mother of 19-year-old shot by police speaks out.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Peggy Sue Castillo adopted her son Dustin when he was five-years-old. She says growing up for him wasn't easy. Dustin had special needs and went through therapy but all along, kept his faith in God.

“He praised God every day, he loved going to church,” Peggy Sue said.

When Peggy found out Dustin had been shot and killed after allegedly riding a stolen bike, pulling a knife and cutting a police officer, she couldn't believe it.

“Prove me wrong that you don't have my son,” said Peggy Sue.

The news was even more chilling for Peggy knowing the traffic she was stuck in that day had to do with Dustin.

“My oldest son was stuck in that traffic and my second oldest son was stuck in that traffic because we all called each other and we were all talking (about) how we were stuck in that traffic not knowing,” Peggy Sue said.

Peggy says Dustin graduated from Church Hill high school. He was involved in ROTC and special Olympics. She says she has no idea why Dustin did what he did.

“I can't speak to what he was thinking. All I can think of is how scared he was. You can't tell me 3 officers can't take a kid down that weighs 110 pounds and is 5'2,” said Peggy Sue.

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