More than 2 dozen killed in cartel feud at Texas-Mexico border

(Gun battle footage provided by Uno Noticias)

More than two dozen people have died in a bloody war over land known as "the Plaza" passing through the Texas-Mexico border.

Retired authorities familiar with the carnage tell Fox San Antonio it's a battle between cartels and Mexican authorities.

The violence across the border started last week and as of Wednesday, the violence had claimed 28 lives -- civilians caught in crossfire, alleged cartel members and military

Video shared with us by an Uno Noticias news crew in Reynosa shows a gun battle that unfolded early Tuesday morning in Reynosa. Alonzo Pena, former Deputy Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said videos like the one shot Tuesday should serve as a wake up call for US officials.

"This is right on our doorstep, it's in a country that's our neighbor," Pena said. "Why we're not more attentive to what's going on there and focused on Syria and other countries -- there is a battle that's literally a war. I think there's a news report that just came out saying next to Syria, Mexico is the number one most violent places in the world."

Pena said that the cartels are well armed -- most getting their weapons from the US.

Trying to stop that supply of weapons is Homeland Security Investigations Border Enforcement Security Task Force.

"Whether we believe it, or see it, or are witness to the effects, all of the currency and income that Mexico is producing ultimately finds its way back to the United States economy," Angie Salazar with the Homeland Security Investigations Border Enforcement Security Task Force said.

On Monday, the governor of the state of Tamaulipas, which includes Reynosa, will hold a meeting with federal officials from Mexico city to discuss the best way to handle all of the violence.'

VIDEO | Watch as Sicarios of the Gulf Cartel pray before starting their latest round of violence (Video courtesy of Linea del Golfo).

Translation: "Praised be my Lord. Train my fingers for this war and my hands for the battle. You are my bastion. Glory, salvation, and honor. Century after century amen. Que viva the Gulf Cartel."

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