More people moving to downtown San Antonio, reversing old trends

More people moving downtown

More and more people seem to be moving to downtown San Antonio.

"When you show a picture of the 2017 skyline, and the 2037 skyline, it'll be pretty eye-opening,” said Daniel Zunker, President of Development for Kairoi Residential.

Dozens of projects are currently underway downtown. Construction that will increase the numbers of condominiums and apartments in the area.

"Today, rather than everybody moving out, there's now a strong pull from downtown, into downtown,” said Zunker. “For those that recognize the benefits of it."

We spoke with a woman named Kim, who moved to the city 2 years ago. Prior to that move, she had been living outside of Loop 1604.

"I had enough of traffic, and wanted to move downtown,” said Kim. “I wanted to be closer to my job, school, and in the mix of everything."

A common trend that some say is increasing.

Many experts credit the creation of the Pearl for revitalizing the downtown area.

"They've developed a product that makes people recognize the value of being in urban environments, so they're paying to be down there,” said Zunker.

While prices can be expensive in the city, Kim says she saves money not having to commute to work.

“I’m so glad I’m not in that traffic,” said Kim.

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