Miraflores Park set for major renovations

Miraflores Park set for major renovations (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

It's been a hidden gem for decades at Brackenridge Park.

Miraflores, which means look at the flowers, is a private garden that's about to go public after it gets a huge makeover approved by the city. Approximately $350,000 was approved by the City Council in December of 2016 for the Walkway Project, which will allow limited access to what was once a beautiful private garden.

"My great grandfather came here from Mexico in 1914," explained Elise Urrutia. "He brought with him 11 children."

Elise Urrutia is the Great Granddaughter of Doctor Aureliano Urrutia. She says he purchased 15 acres, hoping to build a hospital and called these 4 and half acres "Miraflores."

"He began landscaping this back area, because he believed that part of recovery in medicine is to be able to stroll out in nature," said Urrutia.

The hospital was never built, but the garden area remained.

"What he really used it for was a way to express his connection to Mexico," Urrutia told us.

The renovations will center around a walkway around a bronze statue of the doctor and allow the public to experience the park.

"I think the objective here is eventually to make this accessible to the people of San Antonio," said Urrutia.

Along with the pathway, trees will be added and original bricks now buried will be used for the new walkways. And there are many unique sculptures and statues like Cuatemoc.

"He was one of the last Aztec Emperors of Mexico," Urrutia told us. "And he has a confrontation with Hernan Cortes."

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