Mexican company opens peanut processing plant in Texas

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A Mexican peanut company is opening its first U.S. processing plant. Galdisa will open Friday in Conroe near Houston. In addition to specializing in peanut products, Galdisa USA also supplies products such as pumpkin seeds, fava beans, chickpeas and hibiscus flower. Galdisa plans to have a staff of 25 people once they’re fully operational. They have nine locations in Mexico.

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Tariffs on $34 Billion worth of Chinese goods went into effect Friday. This is the first tangible move in the trade battle. There was a chance that President Trump could have delayed them, but he rejected that. China has said it will retaliate in-kind immediately. Meanwhile, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce predicts Texas will be the third hardest hit state during a trade war with $3.9 billion in exports impacted.

President Trump wants OPEC to halt crude oil’s upward climb. Oil prices did fall Thursday with higher than expected stockpiles, but they have climbed to four-year highs in recent weeks. While OPEC does have sway on oil prices by manipulating production, there are other factors involved as well.

Unpaid internships are going out of style. The Wall Street Journal reports the tightest U.S. job market in decades is pushing employers to pay for labor they used to get for free. In 2012, about half of all internships were unpaid. Since that peak, unpaid internships have steadily declined, hitting 43% in 2017, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Facebook is in talks for a reality show with soccer star Christiano Ronaldo. Variety reports the project could be worth about $10 million to Ronaldo, and would appear in Facebook's ‘Watch,’ the social network's platform for video content.

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