Mayor's Love Letter to his Wife

    Courtesy: Ron Nirenberg

    "I'm still chasing you, hanging on your every word, and getting wrapped around your finger."

    San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg gushed words of love on Facebook to his bride of 17 years in the early morning hours Friday. "You're still the only one who makes my heart skip a beat just by walking in the room," he wrote to his wife, Erika Prosper. It was part of his anniversary wish that's had 500+ likes, 300+ loves and a handful of shares already.

    The two met while she worked towards her masters at the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School of Communication, and he toured the school. They have one son, Jonah. While he serves the public in his mayoral capacity, Prosper has served through her work with the Hispanic Chamber and her work at HEB.

    Just an hour before his post, Prosper wrote on her Facebook page, "You're one of those good guys that a girl regrets letting go of at the end of Rom Coms, so she runs to the airport to stop him from leaving." She ended with, "To be your wife for 17 years has been fun, elating, sometimes frustrating, but always comforting. You accept me. You see me. You love me."


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