Mayor signs Alamo master plan resolution, enters into 50-year lease with state of Texas


    Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg signed the Alamo Master Plan resolution on Tuesday, which will solidify plans to restore the Alamo and land around it to "its former dignity."

    The plan calls for the restoration of the historic footprint of the mission and creating a "sense of reverence and respect" on the battlefield.

    “After four years of historical analysis, debate, and discussion the plan to restore the Alamo to its former dignity will finally become a reality,” said Commissioner Bush. “With the Alamo Executive Committee’s signatures complete, the City of San Antonio and the State of Texas enter into negotiations for a 50-year lease agreement and continue advocating for street closures around the Alamo complex. It is far past time for the Alamo and its heroic defenders to be given proper reverence. I look forward to working together to ensure the shrine of Texas liberty is restored to its former dignity. God Bless Texas and God Bless the Alamo.”

    It also calls for re-purposing the Crockett, Woolworth and Palace buildings into a visitor center and museum. Before that can happen, the city of San Antonio has agreed to close Alamo Street from Peacock Alley to Market Street; Crockett Street from Bonham Street to Losoya; and Houston Street from Broadway to East 3rd Street.

    The resolution also settles the long-standing controversy about where the Cenotaph will be located. It will be moved about 500 feet south from its current location. Opponents had protested the move. Fiesta parades will also be re-routed around the Alamo.

    Lastly, the resolution calls for the city of San Antonio and the Texas General Land Office to enter into a 50-year lease. City Council is expected to approve the lease on October 18th.

    District 1 Councilman Roberto Treviño, who serves on the Alamo Citizens Advisory and Alamo Management Committees, released the following statement:

    “I appreciate the work of the Alamo Citizens Advisory Committee and the Alamo Executive Committee over the last four years, and I am glad the Alamo Master Plan was enthusiastically supported by both committees. Most importantly, residents in San Antonio and across Texas support this plan because it will bring reverence and tell the complete history of one of the most significant sites in world.

    The final recommendations signed off on by Land Commissioner George P. Bush and Mayor Ron Nirenberg were the culmination of a lengthy, multi-year process that featured over 200 public meeting across Texas. Over the last four years, Texans used their voice to shape the Alamo Masterplan. I could not be more proud of our City, the State of Texas, and the Alamo Endowment for their participation in making this an inclusive, transparent process.

    Thank you to the following groups and individuals for their role in bring the Alamo Master Plan to fruition:

    Alamo Citizens Advisory Committee

    Alamo Management Committee

    Alamo Executive Committee

    The State of Texas

    The City of San Antonio

    Alamo CEO, Doug McDonald

    Going forward, the Management Committee will continue to seek guidance from the Alamo Citizens’ Advisory Committee to ensure the spirit of the plan is faithfully executed.”

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