Marconi family, community honor detective with "hero" workout


The city of San Antonio is remembering the life of detective Benjamin Marconi.

He was writing a ticket when a man walked up and shot him outside police headquarters one year ago.

Today, Marconi’s brother and the community honored the detective’s memory with a special workout.

The exercises extremely tough, but every rep has a purpose.

This workout is intense., but it’s also special.

It’s called a hero workout.

“His badge number 2382 so the row that we’re going to do is 2,382 meters,” explained Tom Marconi.

It’s named in honor of detective Benjamin Marconi, who was killed one year ago today.

The detective’s older brother Tom says his brother enjoyed working out.

“For the past two and a half months I’ve been coming here to work out and prepare for this day,” said Marconi.

Members of the community and some of Marconi’s fellow officers participated to honor the detective’s memory.

“It’s a good way to memorialize a real hero,” said Chris Brower, a friend of Tom Marconi.

“His family is always going to be our family and that’s the bottom line,” said Joel Pope, a 17-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department. “We’re never going to leave we’re always going to be here.”

“It’s nothing compared to the amount of dedication and the ultimate sacrifice that my brother gave,” said Marconi. “I couldn’t help but wish my brother were here but we did it to honor him,” said Marconi.

Marconi hopes to do the workout again next year.

He also says on behalf of his family he would like to thank the entire San Antonio community for their continued support.

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