Man accused of stalking, threatening to kill estranged wife

Fernando Cantu is charged with "Stalking" and "Publish/Threat to publish intimate visual material." (Photo: Bexar County Sheriff's Office)

Police in Selma arrested a 24-year-old man accused of harassing and threatening to kill his common-law wife.

Police say Fernando Cantu's wife contacted them on February 4th. She told investigators she left Cantu and moved in with her mother in January. She said after the breakup, she began receiving hundreds of annoying texts and phone calls from Cantu. Investigators say the wife told them Cantu threatened to kill her, her family, and her new boyfriend in voicemails, texts, and phone calls.

The wife saved some of the messages on her phone and was able to show some of the text messages to investigators. A police affidavit states the messages included "I will come shoot that mother f@#$%^.," "I f#$%^&* love you b@#$%," "I might burn down your house," "I'll pull up and shoot the both of yall," and "Your f@#$%^& dead." The affidavit states that while an investigator was reading the text messages, he was interrupted by a "volume of texts and incoming calls from Cantu."

The wife also told police Cantu had begun using drugs during their relationship and had become abusive towards her.

During a second interview with the wife to secure photographs of the text messages, Cantu repeatedly called and texted her, and the officer was able to record the conversation. Police say during the call, Cantu asked the wife where she was, details about her new boyfriend, admitted he threatened his wife and justified his threats because they were still married and she disrespected him. The affidavit states Cantu also threatened to hill his wife's new boyfriend, saying he would execute him from behind and told her "I don't care if I go to prison or not."

Police said the incoming calls and messages continued and the wife had to place her phone to "airplane mode" in order for the officer to complete his review of the text messages on her phone.

Investigators say Cantu also threatened to post intimate photos of his wife on Facebook if she did not call him back and sent her a list of photos he would upload.

Police then obtained two warrants for Cantu's arrest. He is now facing charges of "Stalking" and "Publish/Threat to publish intimate visual material."

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