Making A Difference: Black Women’s Leadership Alliance

Making A Difference: Black Women’s Leadership Alliance

SAN ANTONIO - The Black Women’s Leadership Alliance, a relatively new organization designed to empower black women and help them climb the corporate ladder, hosted a DreamWeek event on January 18. BWLA brought Valorie Burton, a famous life coach and motivational speaker, to its event called “Living the Dream.”

"We felt that she is on target with our missions and so we decided to bring her here as a DreamWeek event as well,” Della Guidry, BWLA president, said.

Since BWLA’s birth about 10 months ago, its members have hosted a number of events, like a leadership panel.

"We actually saw that there was a need for African American women in the City of San Antonio to be able to help further their skills professionally," Pershama Dailey, BWLA 2nd vice president, said.

The networking has also helped people, like new San Antonio Resident Bonita Owens.

"It's been a really good experience being around such successful women who have built their businesses or have climbed the corporate ladder and they're willing to share their knowledge,” Owens said.

Members of BWLA describe it as a sisterhood and call it a term they have coined as a “sisterprenuership.”

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