Major changes about to start for military health insurance


SAN ANTONIO - For the first time ever, military members, retirees and their families will have open season with TRICARE.

More than a 250,000 people have TRICARE in the San Antonio area.

"We know that by giving patients a choice of where they get their care and who gives them their care is something that's very important to them," said Admiral Raquel Bono.

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"It’s going to give them more flexibility and the end goal is to build the system or to improve on the system to make it resilient and enduring," said Master Chief Charles Collins, senior enlisted adviser for the Defense Health Agency.

Here are some important points military members need to know.

TRICARE open season starts November 12th and last to December 10th.

The Defense Health Agency is asking members to start looking at what plans would be best for their families now.

Retirees will need to research new dental plan options.

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"Currently we only have one dental carrier for retirees and so we’d like to do is be able to give them access to at least 10 different dental carriers, so they can choose a plan that’s better tailored for their dental health needs," Bono said.

According to Bono, one way the changes are more affordable for military families is by having fixed co pays as opposed to military members paying a percentage of the cost of a procedure.

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