Looking out for your pet over the holidays

Looking Out For Your Pet Over The Holidays (Photo: File)

SAN ANTONIO -- Home for the holidays sounds good doesn’t it? Well, not all of us are so lucky. For your pet, it means they may get left behind and need a place to stay.

You may think that any pet day care or pet boarding facility will do, but you might want to think twice after you hear this. Last year the Better Business Bureau received over 350 complaints about pet day cares and pet boarding and kennel services.

Most were about billing, but not all. In some cases pets were left without food or water for an extended period of time.

To keep that from happening here are a couple of ideas from the BBB to make sure your pet is well cared for.

First off, take a tour to make sure the facility is clean and safe.

Also ask about the interaction between animals. Are they placed in common areas to socialize or are they kept completely separate at all times?

Finally, ask about pick up and drop off times and their food and exercise schedules.

Lot’s of questions to make sure both you and your pets sleep well at night.

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