UPDATE: Lonely dog adopted after spending more than a year at San Antonio Humane Society

Fritos has been at San Antonio Humane Society for more than a year (Photos: San Antonio Humane Society)

UPDATE: We've got amazing news -- Fritos has a new home. The San Antonio Humane Society told us Fritos was adopted Friday right before they closed for the day.


Fritos needs a home. He desperately needs a forever home.

The San Antonio Humane Society says Fritos has been at the animal shelter for more than a year. He is quiet and sweet, but it's clear his appearance is most likely what keeps an adoption out of reach.

Fritos was found homeless, alone, with large patches of missing fur. The specialists who have been caring for him say his condition often leaves his skin very red and very raw from hours of scratching and chewing.

He's endured tests for mites, mange and scabies; all of which were negative. Follow-up tests revealed he suffers from allergies, but he needs a dedicated family who'll work with a veterinarian to properly diagnose his condition, says Samantha Delicati, SAHS Surgical Services Supervisor.

Perhaps the sweetest thing you need to know about Fritos came straight from the press release sent to media outlets:

In spite of his condition (or perhaps because of it), it’s clear that Fritos yearns for companionship. His greeting is a soft paw in your lap as he stands on hind legs, quietly requesting affection.

If you are interested in adopting Fritos, visit the San Antonio Humane Society at 4804 Fredericksburg Road.

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