Local school installs active shooter alert system


A brand new emergency-alert system designed to protect students from an active shooter is now up at a san Antonio school.

Principal Daniel Martinez once thought training for an active shooter would never become routine

“It's not something we ever wanted to be part of our teacher training,” said Martinez. “But's a reality now Unfortunately with our world today we have to think that way because we have to be prepared."

Martinez and his staff at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School are preparing for the worst with a new rapid alert response system.

It's triggered by blue fire alarm pull boxes.

The system immediately alerts law enforcement to try and minimize response time.

The system notifies the campus staff and police dispatchers by a phone call, text message and email alert

The alerts have links that can be shared instantly.

"When I click on the link there's the map,” said Kelly LeDuff, co-owner of Open Eyes which developed the system. “So right away I know that this is happening exactly where on this campus.”

Under the system, police officers can see the feeds from the school’s surveillance cameras, which can help provide vital information during an active shooter situation.

One parent believes the system will add an extra layer of security.

"Is it sad that we've gotten this far of course it is,” said Mike Aleman, the father of two students at St. Gregory. “However am I happy that the school is being proactive in addressing these kinds of issues. yes."

Martinez says St. Gregory is the first school in South Texas to install the rapid alert emergency response system.

Several other school district in the area, including Northside, Northeast, and Judson, say they have similar systems in place and are constantly making updates to them.

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