Local professor talks about mother’s murder on Dr. Oz

Local professor talks about murder’s mother on Dr. Oz

SAN ANTONIO - A local professor opened up on national television about her mother's murder. Kelly Grey Carlisle was featured on Dr. Oz on Tuesday afternoon. Carlisle is an English professor at Trinity University.

"When I was three weeks old, my mother laid me in a pulled out dresser drawer in a motel room in Hollywood and she went out, it turns out, to turn a trick to get some money because we were low on rent,” Carlisle explained.

Her mother, 23-year-old Michele Grey, never returned. The next day her body was found on a hillside in Hollywood. Her murder remained unsolved.

"When she was killed, she was working as a prostitute and not a lot of people cared that she was murdered,” she said.

Carlisle started researching her mother's death. That led her to write a memoir titled "We are All Shipwrecks." She believed her mother may have been one of the first victims of a duo known as the Hillside Stranglers. The two men were convicted of murdering multiple women ranging in age from 28 to just 12 years old.

"Her death was a year before their main spree began and they were never able to connect it to physical evidence,” Carlisle said.

On Tuesday she shared her story on Dr. Oz. Some of her Trinity University colleagues gathered in a conference room to watch the episode.

"I never got to meet her and I've always been missing her my whole life,” Carlisle told Dr. Oz.

While she was raised by her grandfather, it was still an unorthodox childhood. He owned an adult video store and they lived on a boat surrounded by drug addicts and other poor people, but she said one thing allowed her to overcome her challenging past.

"I had a difficult childhood, but it was always full of love,” she said.

Carlisle is happily married and has two children. For more information about her story or to purchase her book, click here.

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