Local organizations share memories of Danny Green's community work


    SAN ANTONIO- On the court he's Danny Green but for some in the community he's more.

    Bill Harrison, Executive with the Elf Louise Christmas Project saw first-hand how special he was to children in need. Green himself even dressed up as Santa and helped deliver presents to kids who don't normally know what Christmas feels like.

    "He's just been a wonderful individual in so many ways and contributed so much to San Antonio period across the board not just the Elf Louise Christmas Project but he gives so much of himself,' Harrison said.

    For years, Green spent time at The Children's Shelter.

    "It makes our kids feel like they are just a normal kid and they are some place special because Danny Green is here," said India Chumney, Chief Development Officer at The Children's Shelter.

    Whether he was at the shelter giving back or teaching kids how to play basketball across Texas, Spurs fans will miss him.

    "Things like this that Danny Green took the time to do this, this is a really positive memory that they can always remember," Chumney said.

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