Texas man convicted of selling sick puppies illegally on side of road


    A local resident was convicted of selling sick puppies illegally on the side of the road.

    The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services Department said in a press release that Ricardo Valdez was found guilty Thursday of selling puppies illegally on the side of the road and failing to provide adequate care for the pets.

    The incident occurred in August of 2018 in the parking lot off of the 10000 block of Culebra. Witnesses including a veterinarian testified to the inhumane care of the small breed dogs with a previous buyer and said that the buyer accumulated a $1,000 vet bill after trying to save her Shih Tzu from a highly contagious canine disease. Witnesses said the owner had bought her Shih Tzu from Valdez.

    Valdez was was found guilty on two animal related counts in Municipal Court and was given a total of a $4,000 fine plus court costs.

    Animal Care Services asks anyone who has dealt with or has any information on a local illegal pet seller to call 311 and ask for the Cruelty division.

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