Local high school was not the target of viral online threat, school officials say

(Courtesy photo)

A Northside Independent School District spokesman confirmed Monday that a recent online threat suspected to be targeted toward Oliver Wendell Holmes High School was not actually meant for the local school.

Viewers shared the threat with us on Sunday. The threat, allegedly made via Facebook, shows guns laid out on a bed with the caption "Don't come to school tomorrow. I'm gonna get payback. Holmes High School. Seriously don't come to school, I blowing the f----r down."

An NISD spokesman said that district police were made aware, but further investigation showed that the threat was actually meant for Holmes Junior/Senior High School in Covington, Kentucky and San Antonio parents should not worry.

The Covington Police Department took to Facebook to announce the arrest of the suspect. The juvenile is charged with terroristic threat, a second-degree felony.

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