Local CEO's up for pay raises

SAWS CEO Robert Puente and CPS Energy CEO Paula Gold-Williams could both see their salaries increased next week.

Your utility bills go way up during the Summer. And so do the salaries of the people who run our utilities.

The CEO's of both SAWS and CPS Energy are once again up for pay increases in the next few days.

CPS Energy CEO Paula Gold-Williams' compensation will come up first. Last year, at this time, Gold-Williams signed on as CEO and received a base salary of $415,000.

That amount was substantially lower than the salary former CPS Energy CEO Doyle Beneby was given in his final deal in 2015. The $739,000 Beneby received was an 11% pay raise, which raised some eyebrows at the time.

Gold-Williams says she has no idea what kind of pay hike the CPS Energy board is considering for her.

"We have refreshed our commitment to our community. We have refreshed our commitment to our customers. We have improved our services levels in answering calls, and we’re spending more time with customers."

So, on Monday the board discusses and possibly votes on a raise for Gold Williams.

Then on Tuesday it's SAWS CEO Robert Puente's turn. His current salary is $445,000, which is a little less than San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley who currently makes a base salary of $450,000.

Sculley, though, has already secured a raise for 2018, when according to her contract, will make $475,000.

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