Local businessman helps bring positive change to East Side

Ken Lowe is a San Antonio native who has played an important role in several major developments on the city's East Side. (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

We are highlighting people in San Antonio promoting positive change in our community. Businessman Ken Lowe is one of them.

Lowe is a San Antonio native who has played an important role in several major developments on the city's East Side. He is a modest man.

"I've had more successes than I've had failures,” Lowe told us. “So yes, I'm pleased."

He has lived in 36 states and 10 countries, but Ken Lowe calls San Antonio home. The former military brat spent many of his adolescent years on the East Side. Now, as a savvy businessman, that's where he's now giving back.

"Everybody should be giving back in some fashion," said Lowe.

Lowe once served on the committee responsible for bringing the MLK March to Pittman Sullivan Park. Before the march use to end at Houston and New Braunfels. Lowe says the move has promoted safety.

"Because you don't want anything to happen at the march,” explained Lowe. “Security is important."

…and growth.

"It's grown larger,” said Lowe. “It's blessed a lot of people. We have probably north of 50 to 60 booths out here, where people can sell their wares, food, and other things."

Lowe's background is in finance. He serves on several business advisory boards. One of his many talents is his ability to assemble key players needed for large scale investment projects, like CommuniCare Health Centers on East Commerce.

"It serves the underserved,” Lowe told us. “That's what I Iove about it."

Some of Lowe's future projects include building residential dorms at St. Philip's College.

"You have a lot of people who would love to come here,” explained Lowe. “But they live out of town and they have no place to stay. As you can see, there's no place to live."

A short drive away...

"We're looking at twelve single family homes, from the ground up, new homes,” Lowe said.

Lowe showed us where he and several investors will soon build a row of new homes, also on MLK.

"So when you come here, it will be a whole different look," said Lowe.

During our outing, he pointed out the park where neighborhood kids play ball. There's no question he cares about children and providing quality education. One project he's especially proud of is being part of the process to build three of ten IDEA Free K-12 public schools in San Antonio.

"Just a great experience,” Lowe told us. “Some nights it was nightmarish, but it was a great experience. We're talking about three hundred people working."

When asked why he gives so much of himself, he says his 10-year old grandson is at least part of his motivation. He says everyone has something to give, and it first starts at home.

"We have to reach back and help those who want to be helped,” explained Lowe. “And sometimes, you have to force some of those who don't even know they need help."

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