Viva Tacoland bartender accused of raping woman

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SAN ANTONIO - Authorities arrested a local bartender Monday afternoon for allegedly sexually assaulting two women last month.

Dillonger Hackett, 30, was arrested at his downtown home and faces charges for sexual assault. Two women told police they visited a bar on 100 block of Grayson March 25 and were approached by Hackett, who worked at the bar. Hackett made them drinks, they said, and the women did not recall much after that.

The next morning one of the women woke up in the hotel room, remembering Hackett sexually assaulted her. They went to the hospital to file a police report.

Hackett has previous charges for narcotics and alcohol-related offenses. If police determine Hackett put something in the women's drinks, he would face charges for aggravated sexual assault.

Viva Tacoland provided the following statement after Hackett's arrest:

We just became aware of the charges, and fully intend to work with the authorities in any ways that they seem fit, as this is something we are seeking more information on at this time. It is something we absolutely do not condone and are shocked to hear about.
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