Letters from undocumented mothers separated from their children

    Letters from mothers separated from their children<p>{/p}

    SAN ANTONIO -- Translated from Spanish to English, migrant mothers describe being separated from their children.

    News 4 San Antonio obtained more than a dozen letters through Congressman Lloyd Doggett's office.

    By phone, Congressman Doggett says the women who've written the letters are being held at a detention facility north of Austin.

    "What alarmed me about these most recent letters is not only the very painful stories of these mothers, but that fact that at least seven of them appear to have been approved, they have justified asylum claims. What's called a credible fear interview, and yet they have been denied bond to be reunited with their families, " said Congressman Doggett.

    A mother named Yasmin writes about being surrounded by mothers crying for their children, "many of them passed out when they heard we would get deported without our children, " she added.

    A mother identified as Claudia described how she cried to much she felt was going insane.

    Another mother writes about running away from her country, "because they threatened to kill me and my children, that is why we ran away, but here they killed us alive by taking away our children," she went on to say.

    Congressman Doggett says he sent a letter to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement on Tuesday to get answers.

    "All I know to do is to keep working with individual families to try and reunite them, and to keep sounding the alarm about the harm that is being caused here, " he went on to say.

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