Large American flag will be properly retired after being found in wet field


A San Antonio veteran became emotional after discovering a large 30x60-sized American flag disposed of in a west side field.

"It almost brought me to tears," said Marine Corp veteran, Jesse Hernandez.

Hernandez and his cousins spotted the stars and stripes in the grass near Meadow Village Elementary School. There was not a flagpole of it's size nearby.

"In a field, behind houses in an alley way, it shouldn't have been there," said Mark Comacho.

They immediately took action to make sure Old Glory would be appropriately honored.

"It really hurt and really bothered me to think about how many people even just drove by and left it," said Hernandez.

As American veteran, it was personal to Hernandez.

"In the past year, we buried my father who has served 27 years, my uncle who served in World War II and Korean war, Theodore Gonzalez and another uncle," said Hernandez. "This is the least that I could do to honor them and all my brothers and sisters who have served as well."

They lifted the heavy flag off of the ground, rolled it up and will be presenting it to Dixie Flag and Banner Company for a proper retirement.

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