La Vernia ISD moves forward with Superintendent resignation

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LA VERNIA – The Board of Trustees of La Vernia ISD held a Special Meeting Thursday night.

After more than 2 hours in a closed session, La Vernia Board of Trustees voted to move forward with a resignation agreement for Superintendent Dr. Jose Moreno.

The vote came down 4 to 3. A public hearing was first held on the proposed resignation agreement.

According to the meeting agenda, the trustees were expected to discuss and possibly take action regarding Superintendent duties, evaluation, employment contract, and a proposed resignation agreement.

Dozens of people attended Thursday night’s meeting and spoke out against the resignation.

“To give no indication when there’s been no public allegations, no stories in the news, nothing in the newspaper to indicate that there’s been any discretion on Dr. Moreno’s part, it’s disappointing to have no clue, “ said Cody Miller, a former La Vernia ISD board member.

Shannon Burns was selected as the Interim Superintendent and is scheduled to begin her role Friday, November 10th.

The decision follows a number of sexual assault hazing allegations that rocked La Vernia High School and the community for months.

“Just for anybody to be more transparent with the parents. (To) know what's going on before we hear about it from you or from social media,” said Stephen McNeill, a La Vernia ISD parent.

Others at the meeting expressed opposite views.

“I really feel like he should stay. Out of everyone I met (from) superintendents, board (members,) teachers, he seemed to be the most interested genuinely. There wasn't a single time that I (he didn’t) come up (and) shake my hand or see how I was doing,” said Shane Rogers, former La Vernia High School student.

The board did not give an explanation for Dr. Moreno’s resignation. However, the board did state it will pay out Dr. Moreno $89,000.

His last day is January 31st of 2018.

Dr. Moreno signed on as Superintendent for La Vernia ISD back in 2014.

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