Judge is optimistic for CPS reform in 2017


SAN ANTONIO- Problems with Child Protective Services are no secret, there was a federal lawsuit filed, and harsh criticism from lawmakers in 2016.

One Bexar County judge however says he's optimistic 2017 will finally see an end to those issues.

"It's a wonderful day it's a celebration," said Judge Peter Sakai at a family reunification ceremony where children were able to go back with their biological parents.

Travis Allen fought to bring his daughter and son together after the state had to step-in, and put them in foster care.

"I was at a hard time of my life and fell off ," he said. "By Gods grace I ended up with my kids and it was a struggle and I'm here today."

"If we give families an opportunity to succeed they can," said Judge Sakai who is a strong advocate for these families, and said he hopes the state will start making positive changes to the CPS system.

"We have to give more resources to CPS," he said. "Respect the caseworkers, give them pay raises and lower caseloads."

Although he's been advocating for years, Judge Sakai said he has high hopes for 2017's legislation session.

"Because people have given their word; the Governor and legislators have given their word," he said. "And I'm going to make sure they follow through."

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