Judge denies prosecutors entry into courtroom for dress code


SAN ANTONIO- Of all the heated battles playing out inside the Bexar County Courthouse, the one brewing right now between district attorney prosecutors and a district court judge has everyone talking.

During the ten day party that is Fiesta, the halls of the Bexar County Courthouse are a little more relaxed than usual.

"Wear jeans, guayaberas, just dress down," said District Attorney Nico LaHood, who let's his prosecutors wear blue jeans as long as there are no trials scheduled.

"Not only have I done that," he said. "But every DA before me, and every court judge has done it."

Except Judge Steven Hilbig in the 187th District Court who last week would not allow the prosecutors in his courtroom if they were partaking in the Fiesta tradition.

In response the district attorney extended their denim days to three days this week as well.

"I will not tolerate treating our prosecutors who work very hard," said LaHood. "Wrong or condescending."

We're told by witnesses the scene inside the courtroom with dockets being called and prosecutors unable to work was a sight to see.

A sign on Judge Hilbig's door was added to point the attorneys to a room down the hall.

"We set-up in the conference room so the attorneys can look at files," said LaHood. "Conduct business."

We reached out to Hilbig, but were told he was too busy to answer any questions on the subject.

LaHood said he's putting his foot down in the name of a little fun inside a place that's typically so serious.

"I think it's ridiculous to try to cheat someone out of that," LaHood said.

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